The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

Fastcompany가 “the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies” 를 발표했다.   정치, 기술, 에너지, 운송, retail 등 다양한 분야가 망라되었다.   1위에서 10위까지를 소개하면,  Team Obama,  Google, Hulu, Apple, Cisco, Intel, Pure Digital Technologies, Wuxi Pharma Tech, Amazon, Ideo 순이다.

Team Obama가 1위인 점이 특이하고 처음 보는 기업들도 여럿있다.   Samsung, LG는 작년에는 포함되었는데 올해는 탈락되었다.    올해 31개 기업이 탈락되고 새로운 기업들이 선정되었다.   기술 혁신 속도가 얼마나 빠른지 알 수 있다.

이와 더불어 Fastcompany는  Advertising, Architecture, China, Clean Energy, Consumer Electronics, Design, Entertainment, Gaming, India, Music, Sports, Web 2.0 등 12개 분야별로  Top 10 Most Innovative 기업들을 선정했다.   Web 2.0 분야는 다음과 같다.

  1. Google:
  2. Facebook:
  3. Digg: More than 35 million visitors per month submit 20,000 stories a day to the site. A recent $29 million financing round will keep the crowd thumbing through the downturn.
  4. Twitter: The microblogging phenom is adding up to 10,000 users a day, with the likes of The New York Times, JetBlue, and Lance Armstrong Tweeting.
  5. Meebo: More than 40 million users instant-message and chat across the Web through any format including the iPhone. A new partnership with Universal Music will connect chatters with artists, while a $25 million financing round in 2008 will fuel ’09 expansion in Asia.
  6. FriendFeed: Relatively new to the life-streaming melee, FriendFeed aggregates every comment, posted picture, and status update from 59 Web services.
  7. Ning: More than 700,000 custom social networks have popped up on Ning, the platform that lets people make their own facebooks. The site now attracts 2,500 to 3,000 new networks a day.
  8. MySpace: Make fun of the chaos, but MySpace is the only social network that has made serious progress with targeted marketing. MyAds generates a reported $140,000 to $180,000 in daily revenue, making it a $50 billion business in theory.
  9. Yelp: With 4 million user-submitted reviews of everything from corner cafés to dog groomers, Yelp can make or break local businesses nationwide.
  10. Kayak: Already operating in 11 markets including India and China, the travel search engine is aggressively expanding in Europe. The profitable site boosted revenue by 240% last year.


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