Kindle의 Whispersync가 제공하는 데이터들

 Kindle의 Whispersync는 Kindle 사용자들의 독서 활동에 관한 다음과 같은 다양한 자료들을 수집해서 제공하고 있다.

  • Most Abandoned – 끝까지 읽지 않고 중간에 그만 둘 가능성이 가장 높은 책과 저자는?  책별로 그 지점은? 
  • Pageturner – 평균 속도로 읽는 독자들이 가장 많이 찾는 책은?   Per each reading session, 가장 많은 페이지가 읽혀지는 책은?
  • Burning the midnight oil –  주로 밤에, 자기 전에 많이 읽는 책은? 
  • Read Speed – read speed가 가장 느린/빠른 책/저자/장르는 무엇인가?
  • Most Re-read – re-read를 많이 한 책은 무엇이며, 각 책의 어느 지점인가? 
  • Toughest – 각 책별로 읽는데 읽는 속도가 가장 느린 부분은?
  • Mystery cheats – which books have their last chapter read before other chapters.
  • Valuable reference – which books are not read in order, but are visited very frequently? (I’ve not read my Python in a nutshell book from cover to cover, but I visit it almost every day).
  • Biggest Slogs – the books that take the longest to read.
  • Back to the start – Books that are most frequently re-read immediately after they are finished.
  • Page shufflers – books that most often send their readers to the glossary, dictionary, map or the elaborate family tree.  (xkcd offers some insights)
  • Trophy Books – books that are most frequently purchased, but never actually read.
  • Dishonest rater – books that most frequently rated highly by readers who never actually finished reading the book
  • Most efficient language – the average time to read books by language.  Do native Italians read ‘Il nome della rosafaster than native English speakers can read ‘The name of the rose‘?
  • Most attempts – which books are restarted most frequently?  (It took me 4 attempts to get through Cryptonomicon, but when I did I really enjoyed it).
  • A turn for the worse – which books are most frequently abandoned in the last third of the book?  These are the books that go bad.
  • Never at night – books that are read less in the dark than others.
  • Entertainment value – the books with the lowest overall cost per hour of reading (including all re-reads)

앞으로는 책을 고를 때 New York Times Best Seller 리스트만 고려하지 않고 Whispersync가 제공하는 자료들도 고려하게 되지 않을까?   나 같으면 page turner를 고려할 것 같은데… 

참고로 Kindle의 Whispersync가 책 구독에 관한 자료를 제공하듯이 온라인 음악 서비스 사이트 Last.fm의 audioscrobbler 는 음악 청취에 관한 다양한 자료를 제공하고 있다고 한다

Source:    Spying on how we read


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