Active Inertia

Active Inertia란 조직의 변화를 어렵게 하는  변화에 저항하는 조직 내부의 요인들을 말한다.   환경은 변화하고 있는데, 조직내부의 active inertia 때문에 조직은 변화에 저항하고 환경  변화에 적응하지 못해서 결국에는 실패하게 된다.

Active inertia는 과거에 큰 성공 경험이 있는 기업들에게서 많이 나타나는데,  성공한 기업들이 갖고 있는 다음과 같은 부분들이 변화하지 않아서 환경 변화에 적응하기 어렵게 만든다.

  1. Strategic Frames – Assumptions that shape how the org views the business
  2. Processes – How the organization gets things done
  3. Relationships – Ties to customers, employees, suppliers, etc.
  4. Values – Beliefs held by most in the organization

Martha Lagace는 “Stuck in Gear: Why Managers Don’t Act“에서 다음과 같은 모습을 보이는 기업들에게서 active inertia가 강하게 존재할 위험이 많다고 경고하고 있다.

  • Your company boasts superior performance. This means that managers think that they have the winning formula and don’t need to seek alternatives.
  • Your CEO appears on the cover of a major business magazine. Beware of the “cover curse” (“칭찬은 고래도 춤추게 하지만 칭찬에는 부작용도 있다” 참조); it could lock-in your success formula. It can also lead to hubris.
  • Management gurus pronounce your company as outstanding. Another potential jinx. Look what happened to Digital Equipment, Kodak, and Wang Laboratories, once lauded by business academics. (Best Seller “Good to Great” 회사들의 초라한 성적 참조)
  • You build monuments to your success. Resist the urge to construct fancy new headquarters, a clear sign of the company’s sense of victory. “It can also lock a company into a community—a double-edged sword,” Sull writes.
  • You name monuments after your success. Renaming football stadiums, ice hockey rinks, and the like “is another red flag that sometimes signals success has gone to managers’ heads.” (“주가를 위해서는 본사 빌딩과 CEO의 집은 평범해야” 참조)
  • Your CEO writes a book. The success formula becomes public and is harder to amend later.
  • Your top executives look alike. Look around. Your company won’t stretch itself when all the managers think alike and see the business in the same way.
  • Your competitors all have the same zip code you do. “In some cases, not just one company but an entire community of firms latches onto the same success formula” as happened with Akron, Ohio with tires; Detroit, Michigan with automobiles; Sheffield, England with steel; and Jura, Switzerland with watches.

다음 동영상은 Jeff Monday가 자신의 블로그 “Mondaydots“에서 소개한 것으로 active inertia를 그래픽을 이용해서 쉽게 설명하고 있다.


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